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Best Practices in Georgia Planning

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Targeting Assistance to meet one or more performance standard

DCA’s 2009 Standards and Procedures for Regional Planning gives guidance to regional commissions for establishing 2 levels of local government performance, minimum and excellence, in order to reach the regional vision or address regional issues and opportunities. The Rules state that “Items included in the Excellence Standard should be selected as desirable activities for local governments to undertake for consistency with the regional plan. The intent is to lay out a menu of recommended best practices for local governments to select for implementation.” The Heart of Georgia-Altamaha Regional Commission (HOGA), in establishing its set of excellence standards in its 2014 regional plan, determined that participation in several DCA programs should be listed, including that a local government should “participate in Georgia’s PlanFirst Program with designation” as part of achieving that excellence level.

Using the Johnson County 2013 comprehensive plan as a basis, the HOGA RC provided assistance to the Johnson County Board of Commissioners and county administrator in their application for the inaugural year of the PlanFirst program. They did this by writing their application, and in doing so, helped them meet one of the established regional excellence standards. This was specialized assistance provided by the RC to address this standard, and moved that particular local government one step closer to achieving the excellence level of performance for the region.
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