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Best Practices in Georgia Planning

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ARC Community Resources Subcommittee on Poverty

This is a regional best practice that can be specialized to fit a region or a community- Develop a collaborative, public/private local community development strategy by involving stakeholders in creating the strategy, promoting the sharing of potential solutions, inventorying needs as well as opportunities, providing access to available resources, and coordinating efforts of the various stakeholders to address specific topics. In their regional plan, Plan 2040, ARC recognized and defined those particular areas within the ARC region that could be considered as Areas Requiring Special Attention (ARSAs*), and supported the development of best practices and techniques necessary to address these areas of poverty and the housing issues inherent therein. As part of their focus on these areas, the ARC, through its Community Resources Committee and its Subcommittee on Poverty, (a.k.a. ARC Poverty Equity opportunity Committee) is tasked with convening stakeholders around issues related to poverty in the ARC region. In 2014, the committee developed a strategic inventory to track organizations working on the policy level to impact poverty in the Atlanta region. In addition, the committee began working with ARC staff on the 2016 Regional Plan update, specifically in policy development around the Equitable Target Areas (ETA) index and map. ETA is a tool that measures the impacts of Regional Plan investments on disadvantaged communities, and that can help prioritize projects and allocate resources associated with the Plan. ARC led a discussion that focused on the methodology of the ETA tool, communities of concern in metro Atlanta, and policy suggestions to foster equitable development and investment in these communities.
*DCA defines potential Areas Requiring Special Attention in several ways, including
“Areas of significant disinvestment, levels of poverty, and/or unemployment substantially higher than average levels for the region as a whole.”
  • We need to promote revitalization of some parts of our community
  • We'd like more affordable housing in our community
  • We'd like to create more jobs or economic opportunities in our community
  • We'd like to improve community services for underserved neighborhoods
  • We'd like to promote development of housing with convenient access to major employers
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