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Best Practices in Georgia Planning

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Right-of-Way Improvements

Undertake public improvements in the right-of-way to enhance the physical appearance and walkability of selected districts of your community. Right-of-way improvements are any type of public improvement made in a roadway's "right-of-way," which is the strip of land that includes the road itself and the narrow band of publicly owned property on either side of the road where sidewalks, curbing, and utility lines are typically located. These improvements may include adding or upgrading sidewalks, planting trees or other landscaping, adding street furniture, such as benches and attractive trash receptacles, or working with the local utility companies to relocate overhead utility lines either below ground or at the rear of lots.
  • We need to manage traffic congestion and commute times
  • We'd like to avoid more sprawl (or unplanned) development
  • We'd like to improve the curb-appeal of commercial or shopping areas
  • We'd like to provide more bike paths and trails
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Roswell Overlay Districts

Walker County Modifies Land Use Regulations for Smart Growth and Greenspace

Sense of Place

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