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Best Practices in Georgia Planning

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Promote Alternative Transportation Modes

Hold frequent special events, such as a “No Car Day,” or "Walk to School Day" or "Share the Ride Day" to demonstrate the benefits of using alternatives to the single occupant automobile to get around in your community. Support these events by providing maps of public transportation services, bike routes, walking trails, information on commute alternatives, etc. Set a good example by offering incentives for local government employees to use alternatives to driving alone or driving at peak times such as carpool, vanpool, public transportation, bike and pedestrian commuters, compressed workweeks, telecommuting and/or flexible work hours.
  • We need to manage traffic congestion and commute times
  • We'd like to improve or provide public transportation
  • We'd like to provide more bike paths and trails
  • We'd like to provide more sidewalks and pedestrian facilities
  • We'd like to size our streets (width, etc.) to better fit neighborhood needs
  Transportation Options

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