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Best Practices in Georgia Planning

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Land Bank

Establish a local land bank empowered to acquire and assemble available properties in areas of the community in need of redevelopment, then offer these properties to private developers as sites for new development of affordable or infill housing. Land banking is a proven strategy for effective revitalization of declining areas of the community.
  • We like to better protect our natural resources (such as streams, wetlands, etc.)
  • We'd like to avoid more sprawl (or unplanned) development
  • We'd like to encourage development to locate in areas most suitable for new growth
  • We'd like to increase the amount of greenspace or parkland in our community
  • We'd like to institute new zoning or similar development regulations
  • We'd like to preserve our rural scenery
  • We'd like to protect our trees, particularly where new development takes place
  • We'd like to provide more protection of historic resources
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