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Building Siting Requirements

Amend local regulations to establish maximum setback and minimum building frontage requirements in commercial districts where more walkability, traffic calming, and a more traditional "downtown-like" feel are desired. A maximum setback requirement sets the allowable distance between the right-of-way and the front of the buildings at a maximum distance rather than a minimum distance, as is typical for most subdivision regulations. This results in development being located closer to the street, which encourages walkability, traffic calming, higher density and a more traditional urban feel. Mandating a minimum building frontage requires that a building stretch further across its lot , resulting in a more continuous line of side-by-side buildings along the street. This is the typical development pattern in a traditional downtown area, so the result is a walkable district with more urban feel.
  • We'd like to avoid more sprawl (or unplanned) development
  • We'd like to improve the curb-appeal of commercial or shopping areas
  • We'd like to provide more sidewalks and pedestrian facilities
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