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Best Practices in Georgia Planning

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Alternative Wastewater Technologies

Provide public wastewater service to the community through alternative technologies. Alternative sewer systems, such as small-diameter gravity, pressure and vacuum, can reduce capital costs by 25-50%. Alternative treatment methods, including sand filters, land treatment, lagoons and constructed wetlands, may also save money. These natural treatment technologies take up more space than mechanical treatment technologies (i.e., traditional wastewater treatment plants).
  • We like to better protect our natural resources (such as streams, wetlands, etc.)
  • We need to improve our public facility capacity in order to attract new development
  • We'd like to encourage development to locate in areas most suitable for new growth
  • We'd like to improve the appearance of all, or parts of, our community
  • We'd like to reduce the cost of providing public services/facilities
  Resource Management

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