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Best Practices in Georgia Planning

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Stormwater Management

Develop and implement a local stormwater management plan that includes: 1) Incentives for low impact development (LID) which uses innovative site design techniques to collect and drain or evaporate stormwater runoff onsite, rather than routing it into a typical stormwater collection system. LID techniques include bioretention, permeable pavers, tree box filters, rain barrels, disconnected downspouts, narrower streets, infiltration swales, rooftop gardens, bioretention cells and rain gardens. 2) Requirements that impervious surfaces not exceed a certain maximum percentage of total lot size, in particular sections of the community, particularly those that drain most directly into water supply streams or reservoirs.
  • We like to better protect our natural resources (such as streams, wetlands, etc.)
  • We'd like to improve the appearance of all, or parts of, our community
  • We'd like to reduce the amount of paved area in our community
  • We'd like to reduce the cost of providing public services/facilities
  Resource Management

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