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Best Practices in Georgia Planning

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Small Area Plans

Involve neighborhood residents and stakeholder in developing detailed plans for future development of particular areas of the community, especially for declining areas of the community or areas likely to experience significant development pressure. These small area plans should indicate exactly how the area should be developed (down to the location, size, and use of particular buildings), and identify public improvements such as parks, recreational facilities, and sidewalks to be provided by the local government to foster implementation of the plan.
  • We need to manage traffic congestion and commute times
  • We'd like to improve or provide public transportation
  • We'd like to size our streets (width, etc.) to better fit neighborhood needs
Atlanta Regional Commission Edgewood Design Charrette

Blairsville Redevelopment

Braselton Downtown Revitalization: a PlanFirst community success story

Commerce Downtown Blueprint Project- NE GA Regional Commission

Gainesville Midtown Revitalization

Suwanee Downtown Master Plan: a PlanFirst community success

Sense of Place

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