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Best Practices in Georgia Planning

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Preserve Agriculture Land Use

Help contain sprawl development by preserving agricultural lands in your community. This may be accomplished through any combination of the following: 1) Establish an agriculture zoning districts with very large minimum lot size requirements (at least 20 acres). 2) Require an agricultural buffer for all new non-agricultural development adjacent to designated agricultural land. This will minimize future potential conflicts between ag and non-ag land uses. 3) Employ a waiver program that requires, at the time any land use permit, building permit, or occupancy permit is applied for on non-agricultural land abutting or within 1,000 feet of agricultural land, that the applicant would sign a waiver indicating that he understands that agricultural land exists near the subject property and an agricultural operation is ongoing adjacent to his existing or proposed use. 4) Develop a program to assist local farmers in selling their products or otherwise profiting from their farms. These include agri-tourism, farmers’ markets, farm festivals, and related activities.
  • We like to better protect our natural resources (such as streams, wetlands, etc.)
  • We'd like to encourage development to locate in areas most suitable for new growth
  • We'd like to increase the amount of greenspace or parkland in our community
  • We'd like to preserve our rural scenery
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Efficient Land Use

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