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Best Practices in Georgia Planning

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Traditional Neighborhood Development Standards

Amend your local development regulations to permit traditional neighborhood development (TND) in your community. TND's typically include small lot single-family homes, multi-family residences, and neighborhood commercial developments, all within easy walking distance of one another. Your local regulations may either require all new developments to incorporate TND principles, require adherence to TND principles only in certain districts of the community, or you may allow TNDs upon request by the developer, as an option under your Planned Unit Development requirements.
  • We need to promote revitalization of our downtown
  • We need to promote revitalization of some parts of our community
  • We'd like to improve the appearance of all, or parts of, our community
Macon Neighborhood Revitalization

Preserving Rural Character in Coweta County: a PlanFirst community success

South Rome Redevelopment

Suwanee Downtown Master Plan: a PlanFirst community success

Sense of Place

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