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Best Practices in Georgia Planning

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Landscaping Ordinance

Adopt a landscaping ordinance that establishes consistent standards for: 1) providing plant materials in new developments, 2) breaking up parking lots and other large paved areas with plantings, and 3) requiring planted areas to mask unattractive land uses (such as parking lots, dumpsters) or to provide a visual and sound barrier between incompatible adjacent uses. Landscaping requirements will substantially improve the aesthetic appearance of the community.
  • We like to better protect our natural resources (such as streams, wetlands, etc.)
  • We'd like to avoid more sprawl (or unplanned) development
  • We'd like to improve the appearance of all, or parts of, our community
  • We'd like to improve the curb-appeal of commercial or shopping areas
  • We'd like to protect our trees, particularly where new development takes place
  • We'd like to reduce the amount of paved area in our community
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