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Gainesville Midtown Revitalization

In 2002, the City of Gainesville initiated a study of its Midtown area, largely to determine the need for, and feasibility of, redevelopment in that area. Following this study, the City developed a master plan for the Midtown area, including establishing a Tax Allocation District, an overlay zone and developing a redevelopment plan. These items have been included in, and addressed by, the City’s comprehensive plans since 2002. The Midtown overlay is intended to promote jobs and economic prosperity in the defined area. As a result of the redevelopment of this district, several activities have resulted in transformation of the Midtown district. These activities included: a streetscape which included tearing up old streets, sidewalks and parking lots and creating pedestrian and bicycle paths, new pavement and walls, benches and light poles; a pedestrian walkway to connect the downtown area to midtown, across Jesse Jewel Parkway; several buildings were renovated with the addition of cafes, boutiques, art galleries and a two-story gym. Additionally, a two mile long greenway connects the square with Lake Lanier, via a network of trails within a wooded creek bed. In the future this trail will connect with downtown and eventually run all the way to Oakwood and the UNG campus. Community Development Department


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