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Greenville's Downtown Revitalization

The Greenville Comprehensive Plan Comprehensive Plan Short Term Work Program (2008) and the Greenville Short Term Work Program Update (2013) both mentioned the need for a downtown streetscape. A plan for a phased streetscape was listed in both plans. This project was not listed after the fact. It began in 2009 and was completed in 2015.

Phase I and Phase II of the project have been completed. The following excerpt from an article in Georgia Trend Magazine explains how successful the project has been for downtown Greenville: "“We’ve got a resurgence going,” says Sally Estes, who serves as Greenville’s Better Hometown director. Recently, the c. 1903 domed courthouse that sits in the center of the square got a new coat of paint and some cosmetic work thanks to Mando. The company sent crews that were working on its own facility as a way of saying thanks for the hospitality shown by locals, according to Estes. The work follows a streetscape project that added pavers and lights to the area.

“Being the county seat, we want to be able to present an attractive face when people come into our county,” she explains. “That’s the reason we’ve been pushing these projects. The county seat is the first thing that people come to if they’re interested in doing something in our county.” New businesses are also starting to fill up several of the buildings that line the downtown square." This project has definitely been a success for Greenville. The town is alive again!


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