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Flovilla Renovates their historic school for community use

In its 2013-2018 STWP, the City of Flovilla included the renovation of the Old School House facility as its first project. Because no community facility exists in Flovilla, local residents desired a place to gather and commune for special events. This facility was utilized as a school for approximately 47 years between the periods 1885 and 1932. This project became a priority for the Butts County Historical Society, which was very instrumental in overseeing the renovation and funding activities. The renovations were completed in May 2016, and a concert was held at the facility in June 2016.

This project should be considered as a success because this community, small in size, combined its time, efforts, and expertise to help save an historic property that could have easily perished. Local leaders recognized the importance of and need for this facility to remain in the community, and their efforts help to create a facility for local residents to visit and enjoy.


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