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Literacy to Work: Increasing Educational Levels in Rural Southern Georgia

In the Ben Hill County and City of Fitzgerald Comprehensive Plan Update on page 24, under Educational Opportunities, it states a goal of wanting to "make educational and training opportunities readily available to enable all community residents to improve their job skills.” The Literacy to Work Program (LTW), a pilot program operated in Ben Hill, Berrien, Brooks and Irwin Counties. LTW is a joint program between the Southern Georgia Regional Commission's Workforce Development Department and Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, targeted counties in Georgia where 28% or more of the adult population did not have a high school diploma/GED. Four counties in the Southern Georgia were identified. The program was designed to target Adult ages 22+ years of age, and began in early 2016.

The LTW program is a fast track GED program that addresses that goal. It incorporates education, case management/mentoring and a daily transportation stipend. As of February 2017, the percentage of adults without a high school diploma or GED has decreased from 30.7% to 20.6%. An overall change of 10.2%. In addition to a credential, individuals are enrolled in Georgia Best a Work Readiness training program. This combination of a credential and work readiness training improves their job skills and increases their chances of joining the labor force. The benefit to the community is an educated workforce that can meet the needs of business and industry.


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