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Brantley County Adopts First Zoning Ordinance

In the 2016 Brantley County Comprehensive Plan, several issues were identified relating to the need for land use management regulations in the county and its municipalities. These were identified as a land use issue in the plan, with several accompanying goals addressing the issue. The community goals that were developed to address these land use needs included ones that explicitly addressed natural resources, agricultural impacts, soil suitability for septic, and development in and around the floodplain.

The comprehensive plan then went on to include a work program activity for the following year, stating: Develop land use development codes and/or zoning codes for the County and Cities. This was accomplished within 6 months of adopting the comprehensive plan. The fact that the County has recognized the need to develop and implement its first ever zoning ordinance during the development of the comprehensive plan and then act on it within six months of adopting the plan is a tremendous success story for the importance and implementation of comprehensive plans.


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