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Brooks County Work Order Record-keeping system (WORKS)

In the Brooks County 2012-2017 Short Term Work Program (STWP), a new work order tracking system was one of the technology improvement projects they had in mind when this line item in the STWP was composed. In 2016, their plan for this improvement became reality.

The Work Order Record Keeping System (WORKS) software was developed to the County’s specifications by the Southern Georgia Regional Commission’s IT program. The construction and deployment of this new system was funded wholly by Brooks County but at a great cost-savings when compared to off-the-shelf software. This new software is web-based and allows the entry, edit and reporting of work orders by users from any mobile or desktop device connected to the internet.

Tools built into the work order dashboard allow managers to monitor the age of active work orders and generate monthly and yearly progress reports as well as plan future work strategies and budgeting of projects. This system also allows for before/after photographs to be integrated into each work order record to document the repairs. Finally, this system incorporates GIS mapping of all work orders that illustrate the location of every work order and its status. The mapping interface of the WORKS application is capable of spatial queries, address searches and similar functions. This feature allows for more efficient handling of repairs as it allows work crews to handle daily tasks in an organized route, therefore reducing miles travelled between jobs.


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