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Fitzgerald's Evergreen Cemetery mapped

The purpose of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has long been as a tool to make better decisions, but it’s also a tool for the preservation of cultural resource location information that will be prized by generations to come. Such is the case for an interactive cemetery mapping web app for the City of Fitzgerald’s Evergreen Cemetery. Owner, occupant, dates, and even marker photos can be stored in a database linked to the lot location on a GIS map. This information can then be easily accessed by cemetery staff, or even the general public via an interactive website.
The interactive cemetery mapping web app at http://www.sgrcmaps.com/evergreen/ features several tools for site visitors to locate the grave site of deceased. They can search by name, date range of death, or by military service. From the returned results of the searches, the user can select and zoom to any of those matching their criteria. Creation of this site resulted in a tool for those looking for the graves of their ancestors, a tool for cemetery managers to use in resource management and maintenance, and supports the mission of the 2016 Joint Ben Hill County and City of Fitzgerald Comprehensive Plan Update by capitalizing on the cemetery as a cultural resource. After deployment, City staff enjoyed decreased phone calls, less office traffic, the ability to respond to inquiries faster, community enthusiasm, the ability to advertise this new service via the web. The interactive map is currently (5/2017) available only on the Southern GA RC web site, but will shortly be available on the City's website.


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