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Middle Georgia…Growing Strong

The need for regional economic resiliency and diversification has long been noted as an issue in regional planning in Middle Georgia. It was emphasized not only in the 2016 Regional Plan but also in the 2011 Regional Plan and the 2012 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). To help address this, in 2014, the Middle Georgia Regional Commission undertook the Middle Georgia … Growing Strong initiative, a series of planning and research initiatives aimed at the diversification of the regional economy. Under a grant from the Department of Defense, Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA), MGRC completed work on the various components of this initiative in May 2016. The overall goals to protect Robins Air Force Base while growing a diverse economy were the inspiration for this project to begin once funding was identified.
The Middle Georgia … Growing Strong initiative developed several asset maps which have been very useful in completing analyses of the economic strengths and deficiencies of the region, including providing insight into clusters of significant economic growth and opportunity. Coupled with the asset maps were several other direct studies of job skills for in-demand positions and the relative strengths of Middle Georgia’s fastest growing industry—freight and logistics. This information has successfully assisted MGRC and local economic development entities with the development of plans to attract new industry. For MGRC directly, this work fed into a second application from OEA which is currently underway.


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