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Peach County Workforce Development Center

The lack of a nearby workforce development center was identified as a need in their 2006 Comprehensive Plan and helped keep a focus on this project among county leaders. It returned in the 2012 Short Term-Work Program, and after working with Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC) the county began construction in 2015. Peach County is one of the more populous counties within Middle Georgia and is a key part of the regional industrial base. It is the home of Blue Bird, one of the largest manufacturers in the area, and supplies a substantial portion of the workforce for Robins Air Force Base. The need for such a center in the County was great.
The building had its grand opening in mid-2016. In addition to providing ample space for Central Georgia Technical College, the building also contains new offices for the Peach County Development Authority. Today, the facility is in operation and hosts a variety of programs to assist Peach County residents and industries. CGTC offers two programs onsite in welding and forklift operation. These classes have been coordinated with Blue Bird to assist with meeting their workforce development needs. The facility also hosts satellite classes, which are transmitted from the Macon campus. This program now provides a new service that was previously non-existent within the county and should be considered a success insofar as it expands job training opportunities for Peach County residents.


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