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Warner Robins Downtown TAD

As the City of Warner Robins grew rapidly through the 1990s and early 2000s, the city began to encounter more challenges related to an urban environment. Chief among these was the need for redevelopment in a town center area that had begun to experience higher rates of vacancy, crime, and poverty. In response, the City of Warner Robins designated the town center area as an Urban Redevelopment Area (URA) and charged the Warner Robins Redevelopment Agency with managing projects to revitalize the community.

Warner Robins has taken many strides in this direction, particularly residential redevelopment. However, this redevelopment often did not include stimulating new business growth. For that, the city determined that a Tax Allocation District (TAD) would be the best tool, and placed the creation of a TAD in the 2012-2016 Short-Term Work Program. The establishment of Tax Allocation Districts is considered a best practice in economic development by DCA, and the Middle Georgia Regional Plan encourages Tax Allocation Districts as an implementation measure for Areas in Need of Redevelopment. This regional plan pays special attention to the redevelopment of older commercial areas in the regional, and emphasizes the use of tools such as TADs to redevelop these areas back into productive use for the community.

Local officials from Warner Robins, Houston County, and the Houston County Board of Education met frequently over several years (starting as early as 2012) to reach agreement on the allocation of taxes from each governing entity. The eventual breakthrough of these talks, which allowed the TAD to become effective in 2016, represents success in establishing intergovernmental cooperation.
Gary Lee
Executive Director


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