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Garden City's Resiliency Audit

Following goals and activities highlighted in their 2016 comprehensive plan update, the City of Garden City conducted a “Safe Growth Audit.” This audit is a community-specific planning tool that allowed the City to evaluate community plans, policies and ordinances as well as its capital improvement programs to ensure hazards and vulnerabilities were taken into consideration.
The primary objectives of “safe growth” are to influence development, improve protection measures, and enhance design standards as they relate to the hazard resiliency of a community.
The City used the Safe Growth Audit as a means to evaluate the comprehensive plan to determine the degree to which resiliency planning was considered, where it best fits based on local planning requirements, and how it can be implemented.
The City incorporated the results of the Safe Growth audit into its 2016 comprehensive planning efforts. More specifically, a section on resilience and specific implementation activities were included in the Short-Term Work Plan to increase resiliency to potential coastal hazards.
Resilient communities minimize any disaster’s disruption to everyday life and their local economies. Resilient communities are not only prepared to help prevent or minimize the loss or damage to life, property, and the environment, but they also have the ability to quickly return citizens to work, reopen businesses, and restore other essential services needed for a full and timely economic recovery.
Lupita McClenning
Director of Planning and Govt. Svcs.
Coastal Regional Commission

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