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Coastal RC Comprehensive Asset Database

In order for local governments to develop, implement or incorporate adaptation and mitigation strategies/plans or policies, it is important to know how current developed areas will respond to potential hazardous scenarios.
The CRC established a comprehensive asset database used by coastal communities to model hazardous scenarios utilizing a nationally-accepted modeling tool HAZUS-MH. DCA developed a data translation model, procedures and workflow for county property assessment data to create HAZUS-ready countywide, building inventory maps with details sufficient to model damages and losses due to flood and hurricane winds. The completion of parcel translations and the utilization of the WinGAP translations on the coastal counties enabled HAZUS modeling of the entire coast.
The completion of the Coastal FIRMs and the developing RISK mapping combined with the successful CRC GIS repository and service publishing created an opportunity to support regional communities with their decision support needs.
The final translators were completed in July 2016 providing building inventories for the coastal area, and the extended products of land use, addressing, and parcels. The byproduct of sustaining a regional parcel dataset for Hazard Mitigation is economic development support, land use planning, and normalizing jurisdictional data for more diverse decision support opportunities
Lupita McClenning
Director of Planning and Govt. Svcs.
Coastal Regional Commission


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