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Regional Downtown Redevelopment Assistance Activities

Identifying redevelopment activities, development opportunities and assisting local businesses and entrepreneurs within the River Valley region are constant themes in the River Valley RC Regional Plan. Following in those themes, and to help a local community develop, redevelop, and invigorate its downtown economic base, the Butler Market Analysis project was undertaken by the RVRC to achieve the regional goal of downtown redevelopment. Staff inventoried and mapped all structures and businesses within the identified study area, and layered this information with data from the economic software ESRI Business Analyst. After collection of the community’s most recent census demographics all available information was reviewed, supplemented and customized in meetings of the local leadership team.

This information can be incorporated into specific, detailed plans by the local economic development team to increase efficiency of effort and maximize the return on investment of limited financial resources. A Downtown Development Authority currently being created can begin operations knowing which existing businesses can grow because of available sales potential, and which new businesses to recruit/develop because an existing, specific need(s) is not being met. Such detailed information is not typically available in small towns. The city has already enhanced its code enforcement program to make downtown more attractive and enticing to new entrepreneurs and their customers, and the process of updating the zoning ordinance is already underway.


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