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Wayne County Tourism

The Wayne County Board of Tourism is successfully utilizing its outstanding natural resources and outdoor beauty to increase tourism and promote economic development within Wayne County. A work program activity in its most recent comprehensive plan states that they will “Seek to expand the promotion of existing events and develop new events/activities as appropriate to attract visitors.” The community promotes itself as a location of nostalgic charm, outdoor adventure, Southern hospitality, sportsman’s paradise, and scenic relaxation. The Altamaha River, with its natural splendor, historic treasures, and abundant outdoor opportunities, is a main focus of activities and events. The Board of Tourism seeks to hold monthly events and at least one annual event in all three municipalities of Wayne County. Events include a wide variety of activities from fishing tournaments, hunting contests, and community festivals to geo-caching, bike rides, and organized runs. The Board of Tourism also hosts “A Day in Wayne” which showcases Wayne County as a home for business, and features outdoor activities, including boat rides, hunts, and fishing opportunities, for elected officials and economic development professionals throughout Georgia. Wayne County’s fishing tournaments and hunting contests offer financial prizes, and are attracting a growing notoriety and increasing number of participants from beyond Georgia. (See www.waynetourism.com)

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