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Banks County Gateway Corridor/ Banks Crossing

The 2008 Banks County Comprehensive Plan included several goals related to community ambitions for the I-85 corridor through the southeastern part of the county, as well as the adjoining US 441 and Martin Bridge Road intersections. This area already featured prominent regional commercial activity and represented the best opportunity for the county to attract more business and industry while minimizing the impact to other, more rural, parts of the region. As such, Banks County established objectives for fostering the corridors as specific character areas designated for growth as a commercial and social gateway and an adjoining office/light industrial park.

The result of all these efforts is the early realization of development forms matching the ambitions for the gateway corridor, as well as zoning and utility improvement plans actively being used in the courting of new business and property redevelopment. Local response has been very positive, which is a strong sign for a rural community that has traditionally shunned progressive land use planning. Now Banks County is involved in targeted marketing for the future growth based on the plans laid out for the area.

Their comprehensive plan stated goals for this area that were aimed at enhancing various aspects of their community, from economic development to landscaping to commercial or industrial site development. In addressing these goals, the community adopted or updated local ordinances that, when implemented, would result in the development they envisioned for themselves. The County added design guidelines for development within select character areas along this primary corridor to make it more attractive to industry and which would create a gateway along the 441/Banks Crossing corridor. The intention was to ensure uses and development within this corridor would coincide with long-term ambitions for job growth while preserving the sought-after character of the area.
Banks County Comprehensive Plan


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