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Washington, GA's North Alexander School

The historic 1897 North Alexander School complex in Washington is unique because its four historic buildings and campus are intact. The main historic school building is dated to 1897 and in the process of restoration. The 1940s class room building is the headquarters for the Washington-Wilkes County Board of Education and the former 1930s gym and armory buildings are actively used as the Washington Little Theater.

The historic school received grant funds to restore about 15-20 second floor original historic windows. The work is being done by removing the windows four at a time; a craftsman is restoring them to be operational, and re-installing them in place. The City of Washington partnered with the North Alexander School Association, Inc. (NASA) on this project. As the local government entity, the City received $22,700 in Certified Local Government funds through the Washington Historic Preservation Commission.

In addition, the historic campus received a planning grant to develop a landscape plan for the based on historic photos, documents, and existing landscape features. The Garden Club of Georgia awarded $3,000 to NASA to implement the landscape plan.

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