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Jeffersonville Water Meter Replacement Program

The City of Jeffersonville’s comprehensive plan contains both short- and long-term activities related to the provision of water to its citizenry, as well as making good use of existing infrastructure to minimize the need for costly new facilities. Funded through a GEFA loan, and completed in early fall 2013, the Jeffersonville Water Meter project, which included the city-wide replacement of every water meter with radio read meters, is already significantly improving accuracy of water billing. Prior to the introduction of the new water meters, the city water utility billed approximately $32,000 monthly; however, after the project, billed increased approximate 8%. In addition to providing more accurate readings, which translates into increased revenues, the City is also saving several hundred dollars monthly on piecemeal repairs. Additionally, when well #1 failed, Georgia Power bills for the well pump went from the $490-550 monthly range to $2100, another burdensome cost to the city. Fortunately, the water meter project also included repairs to Well #1, which when completed, settled the City’s Georgia Power bills back to customary levels. The project provides cost savings, more accurate meter readings and much-needed increased revenues to this small, rural community. Other similarly situated communities may want to consider embarking on a water meter improvement project to realize similar benefits.  http://www.middlegeorgiarc.org/


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