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Eatonton-Putnam County Zoning and Tax Parcel Coordination

An excellence standard contained in the Middle Georgia RC regional plan is the sharing of services and facilities with neighboring jurisdictions under the Intergovernmental Coordination category. Eatonton and Putnam County have addressed this through their sharing of zoning and tax parcel datasets via an ArcGIS Service. This server maintains needed information for the Tax Assessor as well as provides a secure internet-based mapping application for the Zoning office to use. Through this web-based interface the Zoning office not only has the capability to see changes to parcel geometries in real-time, but they also have the ability to update zoning attributes on the parcel set, which are, in-turn, available to the Tax Assessor in real time. Since the two offices are now providing parcel-based information by collaborating on the same dataset, they no longer have the need to manually reconcile disparate datasets.

The MGRC currently serves the Putnam County Tax Assessor as its parcel maintenance contractor; however, these additional improvements to operational workflows and coordination were provided at no additional charge. These operational improvements are easily reproduced through centralized management of geospatial data by a qualified GIS professional.


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