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Coastal communities for all ages - Coastal Regional Commission

The Coastal Regional Commission, in its regional plan, included work activities for undertaking a survey to gauge the “age readiness” of communities throughout its region and holding charrettes aimed at age-ready communities. To do this, they sponsored a Community for All Ages charrette in Hinesville in February, 2012. Hinesville has an enhanced need for aging readiness because if it’s increasing number of retired military personnel (baby boomers). In a community that has always had a lower than normal age demographics, little effort had been placed on serving the aging population. The charrette was timely in assisting local leadership in making decisions that contributed to meeting present and future needs. Since the charrette was conducted, the following projects have been secured for the Memorial Drive District: Armstrong Atlantic State University will build a new Liberty Center to be completed January, 2015; a new Public Library development will be completed in 2014; a Senior Housing Tax Credit Project was approved using a location recommended for such a project in the charrette; a new VA Clinic will open in 2014; and, Central Avenue improvements are in-progress. Meetings with property owners for follow-up development are being held.

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