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St. Marys' Maritime Heritage District Ordinance

The history and economy of St. Marys is inextricably associated with the St. Marys River and Atlantic Ocean: shipping, fishing, shrimping, transportation, War of 1812 and Civil War waterborne battles, smuggling, and - more recently - tourism to the Cumberland Island National Seashore and the Kings Bay Submarine Base. In its comprehensive plan, the City of St. Marys states that the City will “promote and protect the historic waterfront district as a significant community resource, enhancing both the sense of place and the quality of life for residents and tourists alike.” This plan also stresses in several ways the importance of this historic waterfront district to the City’s economic well-being and future. To that end, after a 3-year process, the City of St. Marys adopted an overlay district ordinance establishing a Maritime Heritage District. The implementation of this district plan preserves, protects, and celebrates this connection to the rich maritime past, and will move them a step closer to interesting one or more tall ships in making the City of St. Marys their destination of choice, thus adding to their tourism economy.

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