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St. Marys waterfront public access development

The City of St. Marys’ Comprehensive Plan, in its Quality Resource Conservation Implementation Measure, states "Review opportunities to acquire properties that are suitable for providing public access to rivers, streams and marshes." The site that the City purchased overlooks the St. Marys River, with views across the river/marsh to the Atlantic Ocean and has been available for public purpose only once before in the city’s history. The site was acquired by the City and is being developed in stages with DNR permit approved docks for public use and an extension to the City’s Gilman Park to further the goal and vision of providing perpetual public access to the water front and dock.

The City has received various grant funds for these public improvements. The City proposes to develop the remainder of the property into a small hotel with conference center to provide additional economic stimulus to our distressed downtown. The section noted in the comp plan was vital to ensuring public acceptance of this purchase and development.


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