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Suwanee Town Center

Suwanee's Town Center project was undertaken to meet the goals of the City’s 2020 comprehensive plan: to create an identifiable town center and to demonstrate how successful development can include a strong open space strategy. The City had also envisioned a town center with a historic Main Street atmosphere with different uses, such as a variety of housing options, offices, and retail throughout. Some of the uses in Town Center include restaurants, clothing boutiques, a bank, and an architecture and engineering firm to name a few. The Suwanee Town Center was successful in keeping the historic feel of the city while providing an outlet for both new housing and economic development opportunities. The City has strived to make the Town Center easily accessible to the rest of the City by way of different modes of transportation. Town Center Avenue has plentiful on-street parking and wide sidewalks to accommodate both drivers and pedestrians. A pedestrian bridge was constructed going over Suwanee Creek, which connects the creek’s Greenway to Town Center and a pedestrian underpass was created beneath a Norfolk Southern rail line that connects the historic Old Town to Town Center. Suwanee Town Center is a success story because of how it meets the goals set forth in the City's 2020 comprehensive plan and 2009 downtown master plan. Suwanee was designated a PlanFirst community January 1, 2015. http://www.suwanee.com/ 


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