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Lithonia Housing Inventory

In 2013, the City of Lithonia received assistance from the Atlanta Regional Commission's (ARC) Community Choices Program in conducting an inventory of all residential properties in the City. This was done in conjunction with the Georgia Initiative for Community Housing (GICH) program, which assists communities in providing resources to help develop housing plans. This inventory enabled the City to address several of the housing issues and opportunities identified in its comprehensive plan as well as specifically implement a work program activity of undertaking an inventory of housing conditions.

To complete the inventory, a tool using GIS technology was developed by the ARC. The information gathered using this tool has helped the City of Lithonia better understand the status of housing in the City. This project resulted in a full electronic-based database and interactive map of the City's existing housing situation, thus providing the City with guidance on future capital improvements. The housing inventory revealed that nearly a third of the housing in Lithonia is considered "sub-optimal" and a large number of vacant lots throughout the City. The final report lists a number of possible resources and tools that can be utilized to address the problems discovered by the housing inventory. The tools developed by this project could potentially pave the way for other cities in the Atlanta region and beyond to develop similar strategies to identify housing problems and find ways to improve upon them.


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