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Woodstock's Woofstock Dog Park: a PlanFirst community success

In 2009, following a flooding event in Woodstock, the City took possession of a flooded apartment complex that had to be demolished. Because of restrictions placed on the property by FEMA regarding construction in a floodplain, the City decided to use the property as a dog park. The Woofstock dog park opened in 2012. During this time, the City also put into its comprehensive plan the need to build 6 pavilions at public trailheads throughout the community and to construct multi-use trails in accordance with the City’s Greenprints plan. The bridge connection to the park became a trailhead and trail extension, following along with these plans. This section crosses over Noonday Creek and is composed of a long elevated bridge and boardwalks because of the floodplain area. The bridge and trails connected the Woofstock Dog Park to the 1.5 mile Noonday Creek Trail and to the Town to Creek Trails. The City’s non-profit partner, Greenprints Alliance, has installed counters to understand how many people are using the trail. The data so far shows an average of 7,473 trips over the bridge per month. This number has exceeded all of City expectations! There is one counter at Elm Street, which is the trailhead for the Noonday Creek Trail located at the heart of Downtown Woodstock, and the other on the new bridge leading to Woofstock. The park has its own Facebook page which over 2000 people have visited. http://www.woodstockga.gov/ 


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