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Roswell Enterprise Resource Planning project

The City of Roswell 2030 comprehensive plan laid the groundwork for this very important project. It is referenced in their plan under “Community Affairs, item CF4.” The City’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project was designed to improve business processes and efficiency by replacing many of the City’s legacy software systems. This 5 year, $4 million project was broken into phases based upon functional areas of responsibility. The City hired an external Project Manager to work with the internal Steering Committee to monitor progress and change management, facilitate resolution of issues, and coordinate project milestones and to provide communication to a variety of stakeholder groups.
The “General Government” phase consisted of implementing the following Tyler Technologies modules: financial accounting, court services, purchasing, business license, payroll/HR, tax billing, permits, work orders, budgeting and utility billing. The “Public Safety” phase consisted of implementing the following OSSI SunGard modules: computer aided dispatch, records management, jail services, and 911 case entry. Within each phase, there were other business partners that the City worked with to provide technology for ancillary improvements such as payment and credit card processing, e-tickets, online “self-service” portals, online development plans submittal and archiving, and GIS improvements, to name a few.
The City is in the final stages of implementation of “extra” modules and tweaking of integration to take full advantage of the functionality of the ERP systems. Completion of this project is expected in the first quarter of calendar year 2016.


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