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Braselton Downtown Revitalization: a PlanFirst community success story

The effort to revitalize the historic downtown of the Town of Braselton was a result of a community wide planning effort with the mission to improve infrastructure, facilitate pedestrian movement, rehabilitate historic structures, promote economic development, create public spaces, and improve the overall aesthetic appearance of the downtown. At the time the planning efforts were kicked off, the historic downtown suffered from neglect in the form of deteriorating structures and properties, lack of business investment, lack of pedestrian facilities, and poor traffic flow design. The downtown plan's mission was to create a vision to improve the historic district in these areas.

Specific goals and work items relating to the downtown vision is referenced in the Braselton Comprehensive Plan. Since the time the plan was formulated, the Town has completed many projects which has transformed the appearance, functionality, and climate for new businesses to thrive. Specific project accomplishments that have been achieved or are underway include: 1. Rehabilitation of the historic Braselton Brothers Store Building to accommodate new retail and restaurant businesses; 2. Streetscape improvements to include new sidewalks, streetlights, and street trees; 3. Rehabilitation of other historic structures to be utilized by new retail businesses; 4. Construction of a new library, court building, and planning building in the historic downtown core; 5. The design and construction of a new Town Green to be used a public space.


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