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Clarkesville Preservation Corridor

The Clarkesville 2008 comprehensive plan made numerous references to the importance of the community’s sense of place for both the residents and their local tourist economy. The community is concerned about the impact of commercial development along its main entry corridor. They understand that the protection of their scenic corridors, farmlands and views of mountains and streams is important to maintaining their rural quality of life and will enable increased tourism. To achieve these goals, the City adopted an amendment to their zoning ordinance creating a preservation corridor that includes this primary transportation route from the intersection on highways 44/197/17 through town to the Square. The corridor has strict sign and tree protection ordinances as well as ordinances designed to retain the rural character of the town. An overlay district was created with five character areas, each with specific guidelines: downtown commercial area, regular commercial area, green space area, redevelopment area and residential area.

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