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Moultrie Main Street Park

In 2008, the City of Moultrie’s short term work program included an item directing the city to create a park master plan for property within the city limits. That activity lead to the inclusion of the development of Main Street Park in Moultrie is a specific work activity included in the 2013 Moultrie-Colquitt County comprehensive plan update.

The desire to create this park has a long history, beginning with the closing of the Vereen Memorial hospital when a new hospital serving Moultrie-Colquitt County opened. Once the old hospital was vacant, the City of Moultrie had made an investment that would not only preserve a historic piece of property in the City but also allow local and regional residents to come full-circle in developing wonderful memories on this site. With a vision of developing a passive community park on the site, the City purchased the 5.97 acre property and began to make plans. .

After purchasing the property and drafting plans for the new park, the next challenge was to find funding for the park. Plans were drafted and the comprehensive plan was looked at to make sure that the greenspace was in line with the future development map and the goals and objectives for the community. Some of the funding for the park was listed in the 2013 SPLOST, but additional funds were to finish the park. This became a public-private endeavor, with the City receiving a LWCF grant from the GA DNR, plus funds raised by a group of community partners. This group became known as the Main Street Park Group, and within 12 months the Group raised over $150,000 in private donations to expand the park. The park's final dollar total was $450,000.

The City of Moultrie opened Main Street Park on January 31, 2015. The new park now includes ADA compliant shelter, restrooms, a play ground structure and play ground panels. Other amenities include park benches, picnic tables, a 1/4 mile walking trail over 700 feet of sidewalks, and newly constructed paved parking lot with curbs, gutters, and lighting. Decorative fencing was installed around the site to protect children from venturing off into nearby streets and drainage areas. Park attendance has exceeded expectations. Due to the vision by City of Moultrie officials, and public private partnerships the Main Street Park became a reality. It is truly a plan that was implemented.

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