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Middle Georgia local government web site development

The 2011-2015 regional work program for the Middle Georgia Regional Commission (MGRC) has as a work activity, to “Create, maintain, promote, and host web pages for local governments, development authorities, and other regional entities.” In implementing that particular work activity, the MGRC expanded its website services program to provide enhanced, modern web-presence solutions for its member local governments and partner agencies.

Websites are increasingly becoming the primary means of providing information to and receiving information from the public therefore, it is important to have a user-friendly site that represents the organization in a positive manner; moreover, a quality web-presence is essential to economic development initiatives because the website is often the first and only source of information a prospective industry or business will use to understand the community and whether or not it is a place they should do business.

Since April 2014, the MGRC has deployed new or redesigned websites for 15 of its member local governments and partner agencies, including Putnam and Jones counties, the cities of Eatonton and Perry and partner agencies such as the Middle Georgia Clean Air Coalition and the Crawford County Development Authority. The results of these efforts will be more attractive, accessible websites that will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the communities while appealing to citizens and industry.


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