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Jeffersonville Local Assistance- Middle Ga RC

In its regional plan (2011) the Middle Georgia RC set as part of its vision the desire to be a region where “…a high quality of life is enjoyed by all citizens.” It goes on to state that by 2030, the region will “provide outstanding community facilities and services …promote managed, balanced, quality growth….” The Implementation Program contains several principles and strategies that address guidance for communities to maintain or enhance their quality of life as well as the level of services provided their constituents. One particular guiding principle, “Promote sustainable community growth, development, and redevelopment that follow quality growth management principles and standards.” was challenged when the Jeffersonville city clerk unexpectedly stepped down in summer of 2014, leaving Jeffersonville without the staff resources necessary to meet the city’s administrative needs.

The guiding principles of the regional plan set a foundation for all regional activities and are required for their successful implementation. While the City of Jeffersonville has always operated with a limited administrative staff, it was able to meet these principles until the clerk’s departure. In order for the community to maintain its level of service, staff from the Middle Georgia Regional Commission assisted the city by providing a number of administrative services, including taking minutes at City Council meetings and sending out invoices for business licenses and ad valorem taxes. With the end of the fiscal year approaching, Jeffersonville Mayor Shannon Hart asked for the assistance of the MGRC to help the city set its millage rate and develop its General Fund and Water Fund budgets for the upcoming fiscal year. The success of this effort was in keeping the city operational and in compliance with state law, while also engaging city leaders in the process of budgetary planning.
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