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Cornelia's Mud Creek Greenway and Hodges Street Culvert

In its policies section of its 2008 comprehensive plan, the City of Cornelia states "Creation of recreational facilities and set-aside of greenspace are important to our community." In its most recent plan update, the City cited the need to improve a major culvert and pursue a greenway on vacant lots just south of downtown, including the restoration of stream banks along approximately 300' of (South Fork) Mud Creek. The Community Work Program specifically called for the development of the Mud Creek Greenway and the City’s improvement plans for downtown called for various improvements for managing stormwater and providing new park space. Thanks in part to funds from a 319 Grant from DNR, the City completed a $200,000 renovation of the Hodges Street Mud Creek culvert and stream bank restoration project resulting in a new linear park, complete with educational placards and benches, in July of 2014. The project was warmly received and has greatly improved the management of flooding along this stretch of the creek, as well as reducing erosion and sedimentation.  

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