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Hart County Parks and Recreation Enhancements

Hart County’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan was called for in the 2007 comprehensive plan, and further identified as an activity in the 2012 update to their work program. Hart County's Parks and Recreation Master Plan called for the development of new park space and ball fields as well as the development of trails where possible. In 2014 the County was awarded Recreational Trails grant funding to create a multi-phase greenway trail system connecting Hart County Botanical Gardens and Hart County Recreation & Sports Complex. Future phases include a trail surrounding new addition to Sports Complex (opening August 2015) and Clay Street Park. The trail is approximately 3,400' long of paved asphalt and lies within close proximity of residential neighborhoods and not too far from downtown Hartwell. The overall effort to upgrade recreational facilities is considered critical to the community's growth as Hart County seeks to restore the local economy after the recession and the loss of several businesses throughout the past decade. Additional plans call on linking the trail with a new trail currently under development in downtown Hartwell.

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