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Cobb County River Line Historic Area

Cobb County’s River Line Historic Area links the cities of Smyrna, Vinings and Mableton geographically, and the entire county historically. The Johnston River Line is mentioned several times in the 2006 Cobb County Comprehensive Plan, particularly as regards creating parks and protecting the important historic resources included in these parks. Of particular interest is the River Line District, which showcases the fortifications and sites important to Cobb’s part in the Civil War. There are policies, goals and work activities aimed at developing strategies to best preserve and promote these resources for recreational, economic development (tourism) as well as conservation purposes. Shoupades Park, a stop on this River Line, is unique to Cobb and to Georgia- in fact, these earthworks are unlike any found anywhere else in the world. Cobb County, through its efforts as set forth in their plan, has protected them with their park system. Thirty-six Shoupades were originally constructed in June 1864 and nine remain today as earthworks.

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