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Braselton - LifePath

The City of Braselton instituted a Community Improvement District along GA Hwy. 211 to increase the commercial and residential offerings of the community, and to augment the amenities currently being offered. Building on its stated transportation policy in their comprehensive plan of “Explore and foster multimodal transportation alternatives, particularly walkways, bikeways and other trails within and connecting key Activity Centers,” the City of Braselton has built a multi-use trail that will eventually run for 11 miles. This trail, known as the LifePath, will connect neighborhoods, shopping and activity centers and transportation corridors within the community. The first construction phase of 1.7 miles on the trail was completed in July 2013, in existing right-of-way along GA 211. The trail runs parallel to the road and provides alternative transportation opportunities for walkers, bicyclists, golf carts and other modes of transportation. Most of the funding for the LifePath is coming from the Braselton Community improvement District (CID) with some funding coming from the City of Braselton’s share of the Gwinnett County SPLOST. The LifePath will provide an enhanced quality of life for residents as well as improve the community's attractiveness to new residents and businesses. Braselton, City of


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