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Columbus - Fall Line Trace

This 11-mile trail, the Fall Line Trace rail-to-trail project, was constructed by the Columbus Consolidated Government starting in 2009. This trail adds another amenity to the tourism product offered by Columbus-Muscogee County, and links to their recently opened whitewater rafting venue on the Chattahoochee River in downtown Columbus. The 2000 Columbus Consolidated Government comprehensive plan stated that the government had the opportunity to balance their transportation offerings by taking advantage of rails-to-trails projects by adding additional walking and biking trails to their community. This rails-to-trails project is one way they addressed this. This trail runs between downtown Columbus and Midland, GA, linking with the Chattahoochee Riverwalk, thus providing a 26-mile trail connecting Fort Benning to downtown Columbus, and points north. The Columbus Consolidated Government’s 2009 plan update reinforced the commitment to the trail by calling continual trail enhancements and improvements during the life of the plan, 2014-2018. Columbus-Muscogee County


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