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SWGRC Regional Partners' Network

In the Regional Work Program of its current regional plan, the Southwest Georgia Regional Commission calls for the continuation and expansion of the SW GA Regional Partners Network (RPN), which is a 501 (c) 3 corporation created by the Regional Commission to address important needs of through facilitating regional community development. The Network includes five major initiatives: housing (Southwest Georgia Housing Task Force), youth (Youth Summit Committee), Literacy (CLCP), credit counseling (Southwest Georgia Regional Collaborative), arts, culture and tourism (ACT). The mission of RPN is to be a statewide leader in regional networking to enhance the quality of life for all people in Southwest Georgia. RPN does this through the exchange of information, sharing and developing resources, identifying and supporting common goals, building regional partnerships, building synergy among partners and impacting policy.

The Southwest Georgia Housing Task Force is one of the 5 initiatives of the Network. Its mission is to identify and provide affordable housing solutions to the communities in the region, provides monthly educational sessions that are held at different locations throughout the Region so that every community has the opportunity to hear the experts. The Housing Task Force also hosts an annual housing conference that provides an opportunity for all housing service providers in the region to share success stories and lessons learned. The Housing Task Force is comprised of members from USDA Rural Development, Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Local City and County Government officials, Consumer Credit Counseling, and Nonprofit Agencies.
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