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Homerville Economic Development

Homerville's comprehensive plan recognized two significant barriers to further economic development: inadequate wastewater treatment capacity and limited housing options for the employees of potential new businesses. Three industrial prospects had been lost because of the wastewater and housing situations. Information in their plan also indicated that a number of current workers were driving to jobs in Homerville while living in other communities where housing was more readily available. The city’s 2005 comprehensive plan began to correct these problems, identifying the need to study and make plans to enhance their wastewater capacity and expand the local supply of quality housing. The city thereafter began efforts to encourage more residential development and upgrading its wastewater treatment plant, accomplished in 2013 through a CDBG grant. In the last several years, there has been an increase in new housing development as well as in rehabilitation of existing housing. In order to maintain this existing housing stock, the City hired a code enforcement officer and increased enforcement efforts to ensure quality housing throughout the community. Comprehensive Plan

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