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North Georgia Water Resource Partnership

In 1998, representatives from the Coosa Valley Regional Development Center and North Georgia Regional Development Center began discussing a regional partnership to address water resource issues in Northwest Georgia. The Northwest Georgia Regional Water Resources Partnership was formed and endorsed by the Board of Directors of both RDC’s. Leaders in the region recognized the importance of watershed planning and believed that this would be best accomplished through coordination of local initiatives to address state water resource protection guidelines.
In 2012, to better coordinate with the state’s regional water planning effort, the organization’s name was changed to the North Georgia Water Resources Partnership and its boundaries were changed to include those used for the state regional water plan guided by the Coosa-North Georgia Water Planning Council. Water withdrawal and discharge permit holders and interested entities not holding water permits were included in the planning activities and were invited to join the partnership
In 2013, the Coosa-North Georgia Regional Water Planning Council designated the Partnership as its technical advisory body. In 2014 the Partnership received a Regional Plan Water Seed grant from the Georgia EPD to prepare three studies for the Coosa-North Georgia Water Planning Region: (1) Agricultural Water Use, (2) Emergency and Redundancy Interconnectivity Study, and (3) Water Transmission Grid Study. The Partnership is currently surveying water permit holders to determine water management practices including water quality, wastewater management, water supply, and water conservation.
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